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  4. hey there i was reading in some forums and saw u mentioning a working empyion for tcadmin would u happen to still got that?


  5. @rislem Hi, if you're interested in purchasing templates for Tcadmin, Mod Specialists can help: 

    Add them on discord: ModSpecialists#4728

  6. Can you please add me on Discord? It's Eldremor#0001

  7. Sou colaborador na comunidade mta desde 2013 mas ainda não conhecia o tc admin, foi quando em uma de minhas empresas me apresentaram o tc admin como a melhor solução para usar nos servidores de mta e samp. o tc admin vem me ajudando desde então a crescer cada vez mais a minha empresa e espero que essa parceria dure anos e mais anos ...
  8. Hi LFA, 

    the user jungleNZ referred me to you.

    I have some Assetto Corsa Competizione Servers running and so far they work create, but i was wondering if it is possible to create a Query Protocol für ACC so CPU/RAM/Player and Bandwith usage etc. could be displayed correctly within the webinterface.

    Further on i have a few smaller questions but the query protocol  would be awesome.

    Of course i´m willing to pay for your help if you are generally interested in this, let me know.



  9. Are you probably thinking "about the world?" and I say again, yes in the world. I started working with game hosting in 2012 here in Brazil. I used so many panels in so many companies that you can't even imagine. Most of these panels are dead today or are working and no longer receive updates, basically dead. From the first day I started using TCAdmin to today, I am always more surprised by how amazing this software is. After many years he continues to receive updates that always bring cool and interesting news to his panel and the community is active, respectful and always helps when you
  10. Hello can you help me? My tcadmin was stolen as faso to retreat

    1. CarlosDorelli


      How your TCAdmin was stolen? How is that possible?

    2. Matheus_VF


      I partnered with a guy he had access to the machine, he changed my email and password I have proof

    3. CarlosDorelli


      Bro, I can't help you. You should have access to the machine and etc. Even TCAdmin Administrators can't help you with this.

  11. Holy fucking shit this guy is awesome. I knew him from a plugin he made for Unturned and now I found him here on TCAdmin doing a great job with awesome resources like MySql Manager that saved me a lot. This guy is awesome ❤️ +rep

  12. Make sure nothing is running (look in task manager for miscreatedserver.exe), close if there.

    Do not run from tcadmin but goto one of the gameservers you have created. Goto Bin64_dedicated and click on miscreatedserver.exe, see if it loads up this way or still gives error.

    1. Dragonhd


      como eu faco para abrir tcadmin fora da vps ?

  13. Olá, tudo bem?

    Vi uma postagem sua no portal do host, poderiamos conversar?

    Meu numero de whatsapp: +351925193539

  14. herd u looking for me im reaching back mate

  15. In that case, you should go with the community license which allows you to create 4 different services (game servers).
  16. Hi! I own a rust server using OVH dedicated server. I only currently have one gameserver. Which option is best for me. I see some are worth $300 and other pricing options are so much less.. what is the best option for me? I am likely to have multiple users accessing the panel but only one server.
  17. Hey so i have been using this for 2-3 months. I really like this control panel for many reason, Pros with the site - Easy to install -Easy to create server/service -Premssion system pretty good -Activ comminty that want to help you and not destroy anything -activ support ticket Coins the bad thing "not so much:)" - Hard to know where everything its and how/what the things do - Hard to understand some off the description even some off them are outdated
  18. Hi Nmooory can I get the AR translation for tcadmin



  19. Hello Morgan can i contact you discord about your MySQL Manager ?

    I have an issue but i really have no clue from where it can come from, it's been couple hours but i can't seems to find any solution


    1. M0RG4N


      Sure thing! 🙂 

      My discord is: M0RG4N#0324

      I believe I have DMs enabled for if you are in a server that i'm in so if you are in the TCAdmin Discord you should be able to DM me https://community.tcadmin.com/discord/invite/Bpe574k/


    2. ServAttitude


      Ive added you 🙂

    3. M0RG4N



      I received a FR and messaged / accepted them, maybe it wasn't you? 😅

      Are you able to message me?

  20. We don't offer any "free" hosting for any game servers. Mainly because we only provide control panels for hosts. I suggest reaching out to some hosts and see if they will provide you anything. I doubt it though.
  21. how i can get a free hosting cuz i want an MTA Server and thx .
  22. Do you know how I can get my Conan Exiles server to use mysql insted of the defualt one ?

    1. numpty


      with using mysql I don't know if its possible i will look into it for you tho

    2. tmyrdal


      cool wil be ever thanksful if you find out something 🙂

  23. Do you know how I can get my Conan Exiles server to use mysql insted of the defualt one ?

  24. To be fair, I don't think Linux is the preferred operating system for game hosting. It might be what most people use, but resource usage of game servers running on Windows is lower - and by a lot for some game servers. I think the reason most people choose Linux is to avoid the cost for a Windows license and to be free of having to reboot after most updates. But in my oponion (and what I think most people who've hosted game servers on both Linux and Windows can agree with), game hosting on Windows is overall a better experience. To answer your question: Yes, TCAdmin v1 will only ru
  25. Hey there! We are considering buying TCAdmin, but we'd rather use the old TCAdmin 1.0 instead of the new 2.0, as we believe the design and overall user experience was better "back in the days". However, all of our servers are running Linux (which, after doing extensive research, is the preferred operating system for game hosting), but can see on the website that TCAdmin 1.0 does not support Linux. Is this true? Is there some sort of way we can still run TCAdmin 1.0 on our Linux systems, or are we sort of forced to use the new 2.0? Do let me know, and thanks for your time! St
  26. Hey, Yeah, each VM will require its own remote license.
  27. Hi there, I wanted to find out a bit more information regarding the TCAdmin panel. I host a server over in a datacenter, which I run VMWare on as the OS. I'm currently running multiple nodes on it for Pterodactyl, however we're looking to change for ease as Pterodactyl is buggy and a pain to use. I'm looking to keep the same sort of structure, e.g. Node 0 - 5, however would like to know if each separate OS would require a "Remote Server" license, despite the fact it's all hosted on the same server? Or would one master server license cover it? I did try searching the forum for VMWare, but
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