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Few questions

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1. Is the Master server only a web server for the admin control panel or does it actually host game servers as well? Can this be setup on linux and/or windows?


2. If I install the 20 day trial on a few VM's on my ESXi home lab to test, and decide to purchase, will I be able to move everything over to the "live" environment with no issues?


3. How does the actual game installs work? So lets say I set up 2 new game servers and they are to be installed on Dedicated Server. Does it create a VM on the dedicated server for each game or does it just separate the processes/files for each user/game server?



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1 yes you can run game servers on the master and you can set up on windoes and linux


2 yes you can move it all over


3 it makes a new use in windoes what it runs all of the servers on and you set where all of the games servers get install to when you make one


if you got over questions you can add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/platchford

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