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oh m8 feel sorry for you,


never dont trust tcadminexperts.com, that guy will play you and take your money all day ever day and give nothing back..


if you need something come here the at official TCAdmin site where the guys here will help you im sure of it.....

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Has someone reported him to TCAdmin yet? I'm not sure that they are watching these threads.



Well, scratch what I said lol.

ECF, will action be taken?


I have just sent him an email. Thank you for pointing this out.

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Great to know you got your money back. I purchased one config off him. It worked. But then. He changed to subscription configs. So you get update. Bit his site keeps going down. And you have to keep registering it's like be doesn't know how to host properly

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Well you were lucky :)


Let's just hope that this guy (taken from tcadminexperts trustpilot) has as much luck as you

Scammed me for 425 GBP

Mr Brit from TCAdmin Experts does an excellent job at creating elaborate scams.. We fell through, and have spent 425GBP and uncountable hours throughout the period 23rd of December 2017, until 18th of February 2018.


We contacted TCAdmin Experts to make a deal on ALL their configs. I was reached out to by this guy called Dan (Mr. Brit). Dan says that he had some issues with two companies buying all of his products and then making chargebacks on the full amount using paypal, so he was "utterly screwed, and did not want to continue"


We had a nice long chat, and he decided to get back in the game. To help him get on his feet we ordered some custom work with him, and decided to make a prepayment for the amount. The first task was 80% completed pretty quickly, while he was doing this task we did additional orders with him for more work, as he kept claiming to have issues with "paying his development servers", "paying his OVH bill" and the like (yes.. this should have created a red flag.. But unfortunately it did not).

We have now ordered a custom TCAdmin theme and 3 custom configs with this guy. And my partner in the company also ordered a website for an unrelated project. Totalling about 270GBP. But it's almost like everything has stopped to a halt.. Somewhere in the middle of all this, he also starts to invoice us from another company called GamePlayNetworks (this should also have been a major red flag.. But unfortunately, we missed it).


While we're trying to get a deadline from Dan, he now claims that he is so screwed he can't pay any of his bills, and he cant continue his work because all his server went down, so everything will take much longer time, and he will be out of business in no time.

The good people we are we think "Oh well.. He is a clever guy who does good work, let's prepay 175GBP and then we can find out later what he can do for us, for those money" So we prepay him another 175GBP (Stupid right!?) And he is very excited, gets his server back online.. And still no progression on the stuff we havent fully recieved (we have a few configs and a theme which is about 80% done, and a webpage that says "under maintenance"). A few days later, we are in trouble with our TCAdmin setup, and here Dan shows good initiative and fixes it all, which is very nice of him, and we give him some slack as he claims to have had a daughter that was ill.

We agree on a deadline for the tasks we have paid for, at about a week later. As we write him on the day for the deadline, he claims his "internet went down for a few days". So we gave him a new deadline.. Which is today. Today as we woke up.. He has now deleted us from his friends list on all communication platforms, and do not respond to our emails!

We have now been scammed for no less than 425GBP!



It's really sad to see how this whole story turned out... he did really good work in the beginning

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oh well why would you do that all the signs were there from day one on how he was acting on the forum that he was out for something like that .. feel sorry for you wirs


but i hope this helps




I don't know how much it would be to go to small claims and everything to get your money back I'm sure it's quite easy to track him down

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