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I'm moving away from using GSP hosted servers and am putting together some bare-metal boxes. I'm probably going to be buying a TCAdmin license but need some clarification.


The GSP's TCAdmin interface had a lot more options that I can see on the Ver. 2 application that I'm trying now. Does that mean that the GSP is using v.1? If so, are these options not available for v.2?


I just tried to DL a v.1 trial but the request was canceled on your end.



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I have all of the features enabled for this game service and the sub-user has access to all features as well. So I guess that they are available, but not showing. How do I get them to show in the user console?

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You need to configure the game first because the default arma3 configuration is sucs. Also you can configure everything what you want.

In the GSP already configured and i see there loot of stuff added. But you can do it also.


What you tested already using the new template engine (Maybe we can call new template engine)

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Most of the options that you see on the screenshot, is custom scripts. They aren't included in the 'vanilla' version of TCAdmin.

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