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Registration Terms

Welcome to the TCAdmin Forums. The forums have been create to allow users and others interested in the Total Control Panel System.


Please take a minute to read these rules before you post.


1.  Advertisements are allowed within the advertising forums only. Please do not place ads anywhere else.


2. No copyrighted, illegal or adult content or links should be posted.


3. Offensive language should be kept to a minimum.


4. The flaming of another users post is not acceptable. In fairness, all users are allowed to express their opinion or ask questions. We do not believe they should be ridiculed because of it. Please refrain from flaming other users.


5. Signatures, and/or avatars should not contain adult, or disturbing images. This forum is access by people of all ages, so please keep it appropriate in this respect. TCAdmin staff retain the right to remove any image they feel is inapropriate, as well as terminating the offending account. No donation links are allowed within a forum signature.


6. TCAdmin reserves the right to change or modify these rules at any time.


7. These forums are NOT part of your TCAdmin licensing. They information provided within these forums are provided "as is", and you account may be terminated at any time for any reason TCAdmin staff deems appropriate. Just because you are a TCAdmin client does not give you the right to use these forums.


8. All account termination decisions are determined by TCAdmin staff or moderators, and are final.


9. Please DO NOT post any personal information including yours or others in these forums.


10. TCAdmin / Balance Servers, Inc. reserves the right to edit, move or delete any post(s) from these forums.


Please use common sense when posting here. The forums should be used to create and expand upon ideas, as well as helping others. Please use our forums correctly.


Thank you,

TCAdmin Staff

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