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Registration Terms

You must agree to the following terms if you wish to use the TCAdmin forums.

These forums are NOT part of your TCAdmin licensing. They information provided within these forums are provided "as is", and you account may be terminated at any time for any reason TCAdmin staff deems appropriate. Just because you are a TCAdmin client does not give you the right to use these forums.

  1. Be kind to everyone
    Every user is allowed to express their own opinions, but do so with respect towards others. Hate speech, flaming and similar things are not allowed.
  2. No offensive language
    Help keep our forums a nice place. Everyone can visit our forums, so please keep offensive language to a minimum.
  3. Advertisements are only allowed within the advertising forum
    Offering your services to other users of the forums is allowed, but please use the 'Advertising' section of the forum when doing so.
  4. Discussions regarding adult or illegal content is not allowed
    This also include (but is not limited to) pirated content, drugs and pornography. Any posts containing illegal or adult content or copyrighted materials will be deleted.
  5. Spam is not allowed
    Keep the forums clean. Do not use a bot or similar software to post messages on your behalf. Do not cross post.
    If you're the last one to have posted in a thread and want to add more to your last post, please edit the post instead of creating a new one.
  6. Share content in the 'Resources' section
    If you want to share a new game config/theme/etc. for TCAdmin, please submit it to our 'Resources' section of the forums. Do not post configs or themes as a regular post as these will be deleted.
  7. No disturbing or animated avatars
    This forum is access by people of all ages, so please keep it appropriate in this respect. TCAdmin staff retain the right to remove any image they feel is inapropriate, as well as terminating the offending account.
    Animated avatars will shift focus away from the post content and are not allowed.
  8. No donation links
    Donation links are not allowed anywhere on the forums.
  9. Do not post personal information
    Whether it's about another person or about yourself. We don't want to see any personal information on these forums.
  10. Do not ask users for help in PM
    Create a new thread or reply to an existing thread if you need help.
  11. TCAdmin reserves the right to change or modify these rules at any time.
  12. TCAdmin reserves the right to edit, move or delete any post(s) from these forums.

Please use common sense when posting here. The forums should be used to create and expand upon ideas, as well as helping others. Please use our forums correctly.

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