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  1. The knowledge is extremely useful as well as informative. Investing in knowledge is the best way to boost your career. Jvzoo academy review I was able to learn many tactics that I know I will use in my life.

  2. cong ty luat http://tutozone.net/ thanh lap cong ty tu van luat tu van luat nhac san ?i m***7855;t h***7855;n k?ch ***273;***7897;ng.

    Bi***7871;t r? l? gi***7843; nh***432;ng c? th***7875; nh?n A C?ng m***7897;t c?i, T? Minh ***273;? r***7845;t th***7887;a m?n.

    "Vi***7879;c khi?u chi***7871;n H?m S***417;n X?ch ***273;? k***7871;t th?c, ng***432;***417;i ***273;? th***7845;t b***7841;i. May m***7855;n kh?ng ch***7871;t, khuy?n ng***432;***417;i nhanh ch?ng r***7901;i ***273;i, n***7871;u c?n ti***7871;p t***7909;c s***7869; coi l? khi?u kh?ch uy nghi?m Ph***7893; Kh***432;***417;ng b***7897; l***7841;c ta***8230;" Thanh ?m m***7873;m ?m tr***7847;m l***7841;i c***7845;t l?n, l***7901;i n?i m***7873;m m***7841;i nh***432;ng ***7849;n ch***7913;a ?m ***273;***7897;c.

    Thanh ?m ***273;***7871;n t***7915; Ph***7893; Kh***432;***417;ng b***7897; l***7841;c khi***7871;n c***7843; H?m S***417;n Th?nh ho?n to?n t***297;nh l***7863;ng. M***7885;i ng***432;***7901;i im l***7863;ng, ***273;***7889;i m***7863;t Ph***7893; Kh***432;***417;ng b***7897; l***7841;c l? m***7897;t trong ba ch

  3. Hey Jason, what happeend to GameAdmin Panel?


    Hopefully its not closed =/

  4. Hey,


    If you could pm me your email it would be good to speak in private with you. Im intrested in the service you have and i have over 80 machines that will need tcadmin on them.


    Pm me your email,


  5. Could also be DEP. Try disabling it.
  6. Direct2Drive is not offering it. I had to buy it at a local GameStop, install it on my PC, rar the MP folder and upload to the server. It came out to roughly 505 MB which is not bad considering what some of the new games amount to (i.e. 6 GB).
  7. http://www.gamershell.com/download_49906.shtml
  8. Some games have to be run with the user in the game, i.e. Rainbow Six Las Vegas before they released the server files. That is not a dedicated server. Some people post wanting game configs and the game can not operate in as a dedicated server. If what you are saying is true then every single game out there can be hosted.
  9. Has anyone confirmed that this game has the ability to run as a dedicated server?
  10. Original post -> 07-23-2006 :confused:
  11. This game is a huge turd. Another poorly planned UT3 game joins the ranks of MOH Airborne, UT3, and Frontlines Fuel of War by releasing unfinished product.
  12. Do a search in the forums for Ventrilo and you will see more than enough results to answer your question.
  13. I just started up a AA3 server and did a netstat. I got the query port and tried several query protocols and none worked. These are the ports the game server bound to, I changed my server's IP to UDP *:* 4648 UDP *:* 4648 UDP *:* 4648
  14. I doubt it works. I personally have not tried to get the query to work because I do not have a way to query the server using a 3rd party software to test it.
  15. http://manual.americasarmy.com/index.php/AA3_Server_Management
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