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Daily restarts don't work


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is anyone else having the problem that daily restarts do not work ?


If i setup a daily restart it works for the first time, but then it doesn't set the time to the next day, so it doesn't do another restart the other day.


I've set the restart to "daily" and repeat every "1 day". :confused:

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Looks ok.

I did the update on 2 installations (Win & Linux) and it solved the problem.

You may should file a ticket. I am pretty sure Luis will be able to solve it for you.


Have you tried to recreate the tasks?

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i also had this problem... i just installed manually but the problem still exists. the task is executed the wrong time +1 hour (i have set 12 AM but the Task executes at 1 PM) and also the task dont start daily when i change the task and save it, it will just be executed the next day but nothing more

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