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UDK based games not working when ran as limited user?


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When running game servers as a limited user with full access only to their game server files, UDK.exe will behave oddly and not properly run then crash, for example with Chivalry.

If ran as a normal user, it will properly work.

Has anyone experienced this before and know a solution?

If I run cmd.exe as the same limited user with the GUI loaded in Windows, then it will properly work, which doesn't make sense as it will fail running as a service via TCAdmin 1.

In TCAdmin 2 this seems to be fixed

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When running via services.msc same issue happens, it tries to run for a bit then crashes.

It's part of the TCAGroup which has permission to "log on as a service" and "log on as a batch job", all games work bud something with UDK based games do not. Having it interact with desktop works, however then it runs as System instead of the limited user.

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