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Master FTP and local copies...


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I would like to have the Master FTP/Local copies explained a bit further.




On my master I have ALL installation sets (around 15 games).


I have my remotes organized, meaning i only run 1 or 2 games on each. I also got 3 different datacentres.




1. "Keep a Local Copy of Downloaded Game Zips/Rars" - does that mean that I will get all 15 games on each remote - or how do I filter which to have on each remote?


2. How often do the master ftp "mirror" out the game installations? Time set or depending on usage?


3. As I have three DCs but 1 master where everything is copied from - will TCAdmin retry installation or report it as corrupt if i get a CRC error in the install file while it being copied over?



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Follow up question:


How does it work with maps/maps/patches?


Do i need a folder for each game, with a zip file in it with the default game installation set, as well as three folders maps/mods/patches?




So far I've been using folders with the game files non-packed, hence this novice question.

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