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Hey guys just wanted to help some peeps out here.


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Hello everyone,




I am not around on the forums that often but i see that people are having certain issues as i read the forums with for example "Game Configs" and so on.




What i am going to do is get a big bunch of game files Linux and Windows and put them into rar and issue them on the forum with fixes and little upgrades, and pre config files i will explain alot more when i get them too you.




I wanted to do this just to help other GSP's out so life would be alittle easyer for people.




There will be around 30 configs for each linux and windows they will be the same games and what not just alittle easyer for people to manage.




For example the Secondary Apps will all be included working !!!


Game Mods which i will explain what i did when i release.


Game Maps again i will explain what i did and how to work them once i get things sorted.


with a few other bits and bobs.




I am sorry for the wait but all i can say is that i am extremely busy atm so what i will do is i will try my best to get them to everyone within the next week.




Thanks everyone


ps I hope this will help you guys out :razz:






Chairman / Owner







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Ok i just got on very quickly made for you




Ok well basicly this is for Counter Strike 1.6, in this mod file it has Customer Command line all configured, Mods, Patches, Game Updates, Secondry Apps, Scripts all in you will have to do the following to get the Mods Patches Game Updates to work.




In your file server or game file locations you have to have a folder for counter strike 1.6 ie i have called my folder "cs" ok this is what i have done to get the Mods Patches and Game Updates to work.




i created these directorys




/cs/TCA.Mods for mods


/cs/TCA.Maps for map packs


/cs/TCA.Patches for Updates




so for example








thats what i did for the amx mod x






For the secondary apps thats pritty simple what i did was make a HLTV game and created the server files for it and you just add them in the config in counterstrike 1.6




Once you get this far you will basicly figure everything out :smile:




Lee if you need any help give me a bell :smile:

Counter Strike 1.6.xml

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thanks m8, great for CS I hope you post the some for ccs.




Could you please give me the link to download your mods just tested from you please.




/cs/TCA.Mods for mods


/cs/TCA.Maps for map packs


/cs/TCA.Patches for Updates




if you want my email is tango at gamesclan.it




thanks in advance



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