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Enter the server name, hostname, ip address, port, select server type "tcadmin2_advanced" and enter the admin login and password that will be used. If you don?t use a hostname to access your control panel (cp.yourdomain.com:8880) enter your website?s ip address (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8880) in the hostname field.


Where is this information? Would the IP be the IP of the tcadmin panel? or is it the ip of the server itself? Where can I find this information?



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Is port 8880 open?

The ID is appended at the end of the URL when accessing the game, but can also be seen somewhere in the settings.


Yes the ports are open and I'd found the correct ID but the server still doesn't become created in TCAdmin


Is the Datacenter the name of the location that the server is hosted?

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