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Minecraft connection problems


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i have a very strange issue. i have had minecraft servers for quite some time now and they always worked for me. but after i updated minecraft to the latest version i could not join the server. as far as i can se it runs like it should. it have a pid and everything on the console looks normal. i dont get any errors :S


i thought i have messed something up so i just reinstalled the whole machine to start all over again but to my big suprise i discovered that it still is happening. have anyone any idea what could cause this problem? i am using windows server 2012 standard as os.



EDIT: i just discovered that i could join the server fine if i disabled windows firewall. it just dosent make sense. the servers port is allready whitelisted on the firewall and it should work :S


EDIT2: it works now. java was aparrently not allowed on the firewall as default

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