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Good morning all or afternoon depending on your location.


I am having an issue. I am hosting a dedicated server locally at home with tcadmin. Not for profit just local servers for friends. lol


I have set servers up and all work correctly.


When I push the steam update button on a game server. it comes up like it should but shows my local IP. It previsouly did work.


If I log into the server and perform the same task within TC Admin it works. It's like it is stuck from when I have done it from within the server as opposed to outside.


Any ideas on how to fix would be muchly appreciated

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Good Morning Dennis,


It comes up in the dialogue popbox that says running steam update. Within the window says:


We can't reach this page and display https://<local-ip>.


When executed from the server it works as it is within the local network. It's only when I attempt to do it externally.

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I have checked everything I can, Under server IP my local and my external are listed.


In server settings. My primary is my local, my firewall is my external. No private network listed as there is only one server.


It's really bugging me haha. The whole reason for having it is for my friends to be able to update the servers when I am not around. Only thing that is not working. Everything else is working perfectly.


I am hosting 3 games now with custom scripts. Just can't get this to work lmao.

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