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Cannot deploy CS:GO but other games work


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I have a fresh standalone install and I can deploy HalfLife and CSS without incident but I am unable to deploy a CS:GO server. It always fails with the same error:


CS:GO 12 slots (Master)
8/22/2016 3:11:20 PM	Creating a CS:GO server for Admin on server Master
8/22/2016 3:11:20 PM	Searching for an ip that has the required ports
8/22/2016 3:11:20 PM	Selected ip x and port 27020
8/22/2016 3:11:20 PM	Building the command line
8/22/2016 3:11:20 PM	Searching for a file source
8/22/2016 3:11:20 PM	Copying directory csgo-linux
8/22/2016 3:16:08 PM	Moving temporary directory to /home/tcagame/admin/3/
8/22/2016 3:16:09 PM	Writing the configuration files
8/22/2016 3:16:09 PM	Writing the config file /home/tcagame/admin/3/csgo/cfg/server.cfg
8/22/2016 3:16:09 PM	Configuring the game service
8/22/2016 3:16:09 PM	An error occurred. Time to clean up. (CreateGameServer)
8/22/2016 3:16:09 PM	Deleting the service with id 3 from the database
8/22/2016 3:16:33 PM	The file /home/tcagame/admin/3/srcds_run does not exist
8/22/2016 3:16:33 PM	System.IO.FileNotFoundException: The file /home/tcagame/admin/3/srcds_run does not exist File name: '/home/tcagame/admin/3/srcds_run' at TCAdmin.GameHosting.Automation.AutomationProcesses.***1346; () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at TCAdmin.GameHosting.Automation.AutomationProcesses.Start () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at TCAdmin.TaskScheduler.ModuleApi.StepBase.Start (System.Object arguments) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0


The '3' directory doesn't exist so it seems to have an issue with moving over the installation. There's hundreds of gigabytes of available space and again, deploying HalfLife and CSS works without incident (half life is under 1 and CSS is under 2). Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!





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Okay so I solved my own problem TCAdmin failed to download the complete game files from Steam. I manually downloaded CS:Go with SteamCMD and it took about 14 restarts before it finally got to 100%. I then copied the contents across to the csgo-linux directory under tcafiles and was then able to deploy a CS:Go server from TCAdmin!

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