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wrong recaptcha key locks you out of admin competely


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i created a recaptcha key for the site but i forgot to make it for the host name and not the base site, so i loaded the keys for the example.com rather than the hostname.example.com keys.


Well now i cant log in no matter what i do.. i even went into the database table via webmin and set the recapcha from 2 to 0 and the removed the keys completely and restarted the server and mysql and it still shows the failed recap, (see attached pic) and i cant get rid of it... i even tried on a dif browser


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update, some cache is very stubborn i guess. The only way i could get this to work is to run ccleaner, and open up a cmd box in windows and run


ipconfig /flushdns


then it finally gave way and showed the signon box with no recapcha.


so all taken care of now... :)

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However i will say that it would be good to check the url of the site before assigning the recaptcha.


If you use the host ip to log in to the site and you add a recaptcha and log off, then you will be locked out again as long as you use that host ip. And it shows the same mismatch recaptcha image i showed you before.


So it would be a good idea to force the recapcha off and give a message if your running the admin on the host ip.

That way people know they need to use the host name host.example.com to log in rather than the host ip.

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