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TeamSpeak - Cannot connect


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OK, So check this out and tell me if you have any suggestions.




I currently have only 1 teamspeak installed on my box and setup w/ tcadmin. Everything looks to be working fine. The webadmin and tcadmin do recognize whats happeing in the teamspeak server. For example i join the server and it shows im in it under the administration button. But no one else but me can join the server. heres the ip. Please try and join and tell me if you have any suggestions. I dont understand why only i can join it. Ive been able to join it with and without a login name. So i have connected as anonymous.





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I had this problem before, here is the solution.






<div class="pre"><pre>* Open the file server.ini that is created in the same directory where the server executable is located.

* Look for the following line in section [Main Config]:




* Modify it like this:





Taken from goteamspeak.com

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