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Repeat Section doing funny stuff.


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So I'm doing an mod install for an LIF:YO mod and was working in the config editor.


I made an repeat section for taxi points to be added.

It needs he following inputs:

  • Message
  • Timeout
  • Cords
  • Radius


So I created this regex string to be used:



I selected these check boxes:

  • Items separated by new line
  • Allow new items
  • Allow delete items


I then added this as an template:

BasilMod::horsetaxi_register("\n\nGetting you a fresh horse from the stables...", 3, "931.822 76.92 1011", 1);


Done for the repeat section setup.


I then created the 4 value section like this:

  • Textbox : Message (With deny character ")
  • Slider : Timeout (Range 1-60 with 1 step)
  • Textbox : Cords (With this regex:


  • Slider : Radius (Range 1-60 with 1 step)


I then saved it all, reloaded so I could see the repeat section I made.


I then pressed the new taxi point button and it added an new section with all the stuff as it should, no problem there.


I then added a second one, but instead of adding a new section after the first one, it wrote the string at the end of the Message Textbox instead of making an new section.


What am I missing here?


I have made one for another mod with only 3 values and that one is working as intended, so am a bit lost her to why it's doing this.

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Fixed it my self after some fiddling with it.


The regex for the repeat section is now like this:



The Message groupe: (?<Message>[\w\W\s]+) was the problem.

using that regex for it took everything else after it as well, so if you had 2 lines, it would grab that line as well.


Fixed it by changing it to: (?<Message>[^"]*) instead.

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