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Scam Causes multiple companies out of business.


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Well this is my side of the story, but it gets much bigger then this. Basically we were renting our boxes from a guy named Keith. Keith turned out to be a con artist who had this huge scam planned right from the begining of it, luckily we only lost 1,000-2,000$ where as a man named Platinum lost almost 100,000$ to this man who completely scammed all of us. We are not sure how else to handle this so we are pretty much shutting down.


Here is a link to read more about this, and to others who lost even more than us.



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It's this exact reason I don't use resellers for business reasons.


This way I know who gets what money.


It's terrible to hear, and I'm sorry for your loss, however as people has said on the WHT forums, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


I hope you get your data back.

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