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Fun with Fire


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Well, incase you guys didnt year (I know some of you know already), I left GamingZen thursday, to start my job as a Datacenter Engineer at a datacenter in Dallas (no, not The Planet).


Last night, I was with friends at an all night lock in party at a lan center (adults only).


I decided I should get rid of everything from work which I had left (which turns out, was only my hat which I paid for a year ago to wear to CPL/QuakeCon/Etc).


It was a black hat with off white lettering saying GamingZen on the front and Hogie on the back. This was taken right after I got it.





So, last night, I took it behind the LAN center and burned it with my friends. We took pictures. What a relief it was to finally take something out on GZ.




I was quite shocked at how easy it burned. It was a nice hat. It nearly burned itself through. I used the flash to get the final picture when it was done burning.




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