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Where should I change the text here to Chinese


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Hi, Hello, everyone. Can I have a look at this problem?

In the language settings, I have translated all of them. There are no such options in the translation documents,

Which files should I modify to be Chinese,

Thank you.






There is another problem. My server name is in Chinese, but this position is not displayed correctly



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Strings on the login form can be changed in TCAdmin > System > Settings > Languages > Your language > Other components > Resources.Base.Login

Session Information can be translated in TCAdmin > System > Settings > Languages > Your language > Other components > Resources.Base.SessionInformation

WorkShop browser can be translated through TCAdmin > System > Settings > Languages > Your language > Web forms > GameHosting - WorkshopBrowser


By default, I think TCAdmin gets the server name from queries. You can have TCAdmin display the hostname set in TCAdmin by going to TCAdmin > System > Settings > Game & Other Voice Servers > Select Game > Game Information > Untick "Get service name from hostname".

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8 hours ago, DennisHermannsen said:

可以在TCAdmin>系统>设置>语言>您的语言>其他组件> Resources.Base.Login中更改登录表单上的字符串。

可以在TCAdmin>系统>设置>语言>您的语言>其他组件> Resources.Base.SessionInformation中翻译会话信息

可以通过TCAdmin>系统>设置>语言>您的语言> Web表单> GameHosting-WorkshopBrowser翻译WorkShop浏览器



Thank you very much. I was careless,

I didn't notice that there was another drop-down option, which I thought was empty content.496453139_QQ20200417122208.thumb.jpg.f3d98a583270640975ec80bd9599b898.jpg

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