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CPULimit Limit Issues/Suggestion


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I'm wondering if anyone else has had the issue of cpulimit not actually limiting CPU power. I have a customer's 7D2D server that is generating a world. The limit is set to 200. So that should grant it full power of 2 cores. The server has 4 physical cores and 8 logical. Yet during the worldgen startup bit, nearly all 8 cores are 98% maxed and other customers are complaining of rubberbanding. I was able to limit its affinity to lock it down, which has been working. However, I prefer to not have to do this for each customer. So far, cpulimit has worked without a hitch as best as I can tell, so I'm not sure if it's going to just be a problem with this server or not.

Alternatively, perhaps in a future update, we could have a feature where during provisioning (through whmcs and default_values.php) we can specify a random number of cores for affinity that are pre-checked during provisioning? This feature has actually been on my mind for a while now so I feel it's appropriate to mention now.

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Some games will use all available CPU cores such as Rust and 7D2 on the map generation stage.  There was a fix for this to lock the affinity on startup, or alternatively use game scripts to allocate X cores, then change it back after X minutes which takes for the startup and generation. The CPU limit itself doesn't work for this kind of game behavior.




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20 hours ago, trenuto said:

The CPU limit itself doesn't work for this kind of game behavior.

The Linux cpulimit limits the server process' power- I don't see how what the process is actually doing at the time dictates whether or not it is limited.

The threads you posted I'm already familiar with and have previously commented on. I am mainly moreso perplexed as to why cpulimit isn't limiting a 7DTD server and suggesting a workaround.

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