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Squad config problems - Sry can't post in Game Config Files


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Hi, I have looked at your config. All looks good so I went and ran it. Likely game files are out of date as upon steam update of server files I found they have changed folder names and start exe from Squad to SquadGame.

I have adjust you config with new folder and exe labels. Try config (after you have steam updated server(s). If still not running look at removing the multihome part from commandline.

Other than that it should run. (I have also enable console viewing so you can trace startup from logs).

Also check on custom browser in game server list instead of server browser.


squad - Windows.xml

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HI Guys
I am trying to link the Workshop browser to TCadmin

I am able to copy the folder correctly to correct path but I cant get it to delete the folder afterwards anyone had any success? Here is my copy code.


import clr
import os
from System import String
from System.IO import Directory, File, Path, SearchOption
import shutil

modpath = Path.Combine(ThisService.RootDirectory, "Squadgame", "Plugins", "Mods")

for directories in os.listdir(InstallPath):
  dir = os.path.join(InstallPath, directories)
  shutil.move(dir, modpath)

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