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Steam Update/Verify after created/re-install


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I was wondering if I am interpreting this feature correctly- I would assume that it would launch a Steam update immediately after a server is installed and also verify the files if the verify box is checked under the game config?

It is my goal right now to reduce the amount of storage taken up by game template directories... even more-so than compressing them. Due to that, I hoped to store only a few files on the nodes and let Steam take over the heavy lifting and download them upon the server being installed. This would also ensure that the latest version of the files are given to the customer right away. However, it does not appear to be working. For example, a test Rust server is launching without the data folder on an installation during testing and the server fails to launch (obviously). It appears the server is trying to launch without a Steam update and verify taking place.

Has anyone else had any experience with this or attempted this method?

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LFA helped out via support ticket.


It can be fixed by going to the game's settings. In the steam tab uncheck "Execute as the service's user" or if you already have it unchecked try unchecking it.

Also if you want to save space you could place a only single file in the rust folder so it downloads the game completely when it runs the steam update for the new game server:

echo 1 > /home/tcadmin/tcafiles/games/rust-linux/create.txt
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