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DayZ Workshop not downloading mods


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Have tried setting workshop account to a valid steam account and to anonymous. not working either way

workshop log gives me this:

[2020-06-10 22:32:53] Loading workshop items for 2 installed apps for user [a:1:1364056138]:
[2020-06-10 22:32:55] [AppID 221100] Loaded workshop items in "c:\tcafiles\users\dayztest\1\steamapps\workshop" (0 installed, 1 needed)
[2020-06-10 22:32:55] [AppID 221100] Download item 1559212036 requested by app
[2020-06-10 22:32:55] [AppID 221100] Starting Workshop download job (downloading  )
[2020-06-10 22:32:56] [AppID 221100] Update canceled: Failed to initialize depot 221100, manifest 933758375861080195 (Invalid Parameter) (Missing decryption key)
[2020-06-10 22:32:56] [AppID 221100] Download item 1559212036 result : Failure
[2020-06-10 22:32:56] [AppID 221100] Finished Workshop download job : Missing decryption key

any ideas?

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