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Minecraft Ram Automatic Allocation


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Hey guys so i am trying to make it so when the Clients order the minecraft server thru our WHMCS order forum they click on one of the plans with a set RAM  Xms and Xmx Amount what is used when the server is made.

i have tried following the Example on the TCADMIN Documentation but cant seem to wrap my head around it.  On the whmcs forum we have added the Configurable option to pick the amount of ram they want.



We have also made a php file in the tcadmin2_advanced with this code in it.   But when we order the server it just comes with the Default ram amount and not the amount selected from the list.  i know there is going to be some simple way of doing this but i am still learning on how to do all of this so forgive me about my constant lack of knowledge

switch ($params["configoptions"]["Ram"])
case "1GB":
  $billing_api_values["gamevar_Xms"] = "1024";
  $billing_api_values["gamevar_Xmx"] = "1024";
  $billing_api_values["game_slots"] = 20;
case "2GB":
  $billing_api_values["gamevar_Xms"] = "2048";
  $billing_api_values["gamevar_Xmx"] = "2048";
  $billing_api_values["game_slots"] = 40;
case "3GB":
  $billing_api_values["gamevar_Xms"] = "3072";
  $billing_api_values["gamevar_Xmx"] = "3072";
  $billing_api_values["game_slots"] = 60;
case "4GB":
  $billing_api_values["gamevar_Xms"] = "4096";
  $billing_api_values["gamevar_Xmx"] = "4096";
  $billing_api_values["game_slots"] = 80;
case "5GB":
  $billing_api_values["gamevar_Xms"] = "5120";
  $billing_api_values["gamevar_Xmx"] = "5120";
  $billing_api_values["game_slots"] = 100;
case "6GB":
  $billing_api_values["gamevar_Xms"] = "6144";
  $billing_api_values["gamevar_Xmx"] = "6144";
  $billing_api_values["game_slots"] = 120;


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On 1/15/2021 at 5:20 AM, Dennis said:

@fcke could you post your WHMCS settings and your PHP script?



where is correct to put these codes like minecraft values? or you recommend create another file like minecraft.php and use default_values.php as include?








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