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Game Config Help for Query Protocol when using Config File Parser - Hostname Rule


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I am wanting to show the server name/hostname on the Game server list, so that it is easier to find.

I am trying to setup the Query Protocol for Assetto Corsa Competizione, so I went with Config File Parsers

Now my question:

It says Hostname Rule, and says I can use HostName

But it doesn't appear to be working, in my config I have

"serverName": "$[HostName]",

Do I need to put: serverName or HostName or  $[HostName] in the Hostname Rule field?

I am sure I had this working sometime ago but had a hard drive crash and lost the config file, and I never updated the one on the forum.


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2 hours ago, GazCBG said:

in my config I have

Is that in the configuration file template or in your service's configuration file? The variable should be set in the configuration file template, and then the variable should be changed using the configuration editor.

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Found the solution, as it wasn't further mentioned I like to explain, what I did for others having the same issue.

1st thing to do is set your main config file as capable to read variables from file.
2nd set Get service name from host name  true 
3rd set Query Protocol to config file parser
4th set Host Name Rule to 'HostName'  WITHOUT APOSTROPHES

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