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TCAdmin2 and DCSWorld

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Hi all, wondering if anyone knows of any support for DCSWorld game services? It is launchable with an exe but requires some manipulation via either a local or remote webserver.




A. Local Web control. Just open link 'Local Web GUI' created after installation on your desktop.

B. Remote Web control. Login to DCS site, go to you Profile page and select your server in list.

Default ports

10308 TCP and UDP for DCS

8088 TCP for remote web control

The ideal is for remote web control to be given. We are using TCAdmin for our gaming community and not as a server hosting for general clients. If required we can buy a copy of DCS world for us to login to and give access to for profile access. Was wondering however if anyone knew a neater way?

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It is going to be hard to use TCAdmin2 to run DCS. (Tried doing a config but there are too many windows to interact with on first start up the have to be done on server). Also DCS is free, you should not have to buy it, especially the server side of it.


First problem is all server data and missions are stored in the servers user section, not the game user section. (You can specify individual folders saves for multiple game services).

Second problem is that on first run you have to put a username and password into a DCS popup box so it connects to DCS site. (Likely here it check license)

Third is it seems to create (go through) the start sequence and loads multiple DCS services after running the updater. (This is using TCAdmin), at this stage I am pretty sure server is not running.

Forth problem is that the WEBGUI only runs on the local server. You cannot access it on remote machine (404 not found)


Others with more experience in coding or scripts to read TCAdmin and local files may have ideas if a working config can be acheived.

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