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Hello Everyone!   so im having a bit of a small issue with TCAdmin when starting a Game Service.  

" No connnection could be made to the target machine "

im using the local IP via different computer to set everything up, ive forwarded the port, ive punched that port through FW, i even disabled FW to check it to see if it works ( dont worry its enabled again 😛 )    


Also when trying to delete a Users Account im getting " Count  not uninstall the service with ID 2 " 

i tried everything i could think of and went through the documentation and didnt see anything about either one of the 2 errors    



WIndows: server 2019 ( Fully updated )

Firewalls: Active via Modem and Router ( port has been punched on both but nothing changed )

Game: ARK Survival Evolved

TCADMIN CONNECTION: Via Local IP In Google Chrome. 

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On 9/8/2020 at 1:15 AM, sucker for love said:

start the Service Manager Console

it did solve the initial issue of services not being able to be started  but now its not creating or even responding to any request made by the client end  getting the same error  but the SMC is running  

- i have tried restarting all of TCAdmin 

-also tried restarting just the SMC,   


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5 minutes ago, sucker for love said:

are you trying to create servers for your local network?

im using a master license for testing before i purchase another one for remote,   so im using WHMCS to try and create the User account with said game,  soon as it receives the command to do it  i get said error.     



4 minutes ago, sucker for love said:

The IP you set under Servers > Master, is that the local ip for your pc? 


Yea  Via ipconfig and what i have set within the Modem that server is that Local IP

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3 minutes ago, sucker for love said:

Did you set your own IP under IPv4 properties of your adapter or is it automatic

just checked and its on Automatic vs it being set there.   

EDIT :  Yesterday when you told me to Start the SMC   it was working fine  now this. lol   Not sure if i added that in 

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3 minutes ago, sucker for love said:

Your IP most likely changed from the one you set in TCAdmin so it can't complete the request. Set a static IP then also use that IP in Servers > Master

Ill Give that a shot  and hopes it works  im doing this all remote right now XD   so if i lose connection to the server  im SOL till this weekend haha  

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2 minutes ago, sucker for love said:

I did it straight off my dedicated server and it all worked out, if you can set it up correctly then it doesn't take to long and is definitely worth it getting a remote license.

  crap  lost connection to it XD       it didnt like something i did lol         im getting one soon as i can sorta all issues out on one ( plus that allows me time to get another machine and expands my knowledge on TCA ) 

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o no doubt in deed!  it marked 48hrs when i created this post.   and yet here i am ahaha        ( trying to sweet talk my GF to going to the server and reverting the changes i did so i can try something else to get this to work correctly 😞   )  


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Just now, sucker for love said:

Goodluck 😂 if you need any help you can find me on the discord as well

whats your discord?  ill shoot ya a FR and a PM so ya got me. 

   imma need it thanks! lol   besides local ip  anything else that i should try that you can think of?  ( i checked all ports again and all were still same as before when it was working ) 

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