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Can tcadmin make a youtube, thats show how to install the tcadmin even thats pretty easy to do but ppl can still have problem with it, and make make youtube on the factions on the site whats the best setting are what to think before buying tcadmin. For exemple having same host for the panel its a bad thing hehe


Ps doing video on stuff that ppl have problem with or mostly asked about

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3 hours ago, Jimmy-CS said:

The wiki article is sufficient for installation instructions, in my opinion. If one can't follow that, then they likely aren't well suited for the mechanics required of installing and configuring the panel. 

So if we are going to work on that logic why do we have school? Dont think thats a healty way to see if everyone need help. So if you have sickness that make it hard for you to read a lot of text they are not welcome to use a control panel that are pretty easy when you have fixed the installtion?

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I wasn't attacking your idea by any means- the more documentation, the better. I simply stated that I don't think it's warranted given how simple the process is. The installation literally consists of copying and pasting 7 lines into an SSH terminal (on Linux). The panel even starts itself right after.

In fact, being resourceful is often a profound quality of administrators. Therefore, I took the opportunity to run a Google video search for you on "How to install TCAdmin" and located these 3 results, which cover various operating systems and are featured in multiple languages:


These don't even include the results for configuring the panel, which are also nicely made.

This reply, like my first one, is not meant to be rude. There is no need to compare someone's opinion about installing a control panel with providing a population with basic knowledge they need to have in school.

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