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Arma 3 Linux RPTs


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We recently got our server up and running, we're finishing up the last bits. How ever we cannot access or find our RPTs logs to help debug and see what is going on with the server. We are running Ubuntu. As of now we think we have to add a launch parameter to the .arma3server telling it to send the STDin and STDout to a accessible file. How ever TCAdmin handles the launching of the arma3server file. Is there a way with in TCAdmin to set that launch parameter or will we have to use the shh to edit it? We've been referencing the arma.RPT Bohemia page to figure out we have to do something with the STDin & STDout.
Anyone familiar with how to do that/find where the RPTs are generated for the server?

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#!/bin/bash ./arma3serverx64 $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8 $9 ${10} >>./logs/log.$(date +"%Y%m%d%I%M%p").rtp 2>&1

We put this code into a .sh and told TCAdmin to run this instead of the default executable. The $1 - ${10} is to make sure that linux doesn't attempt to run the arma 3 commandline as a Linux commandline.

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Thanks for this @Spookky, my files are being created as expected in the right directory using your changes. However, they are being created using the root user and group, not as the user that my arma 3 server is running on. The result is that my rpt files are not viewable in the tcadmin console since this user doesn't have permission to view root created data (obviously). I'm wondering if you had this issue or if you have an idea on how to resolve it?

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