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Multi Variables in Configuration Editor

Tyger Bi Syberis

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So, I'm having a interesting issue while creating certain game configs.

I'm trying to create a editable field in the config editor that can be modified easily by the user visually or admin.  The game requires the users profile path plus the world file in the string.

For example:

Template Config: config.cfg


Configuration Editor: The following variables could not be read: Service.RootDirectoryNoTrailingSlash, World. The default value for these variables and the default template will be used. Previous configuration will be overwritten.

However, the variables work and are read and saved with no issue if I click OK, it's just the warning message I'm trying to suppress because it shows or get a better understanding of teh use of variables.

I have a feeling its something to do with Parent Variables but when I look at the TCAdmin knowledge base, the definition is extremely vague on how to use default/parent variables.

Is what I'm trying to accomplish even possible?


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"The following variables could not be read" is a message that will show when the variables aren't included in the current version of the configuration file. Once you save, TCAdmin will populate the file with these variables.

Have you tested it with a new service?

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I've tested it with a new service, the variables will populate in the config file and it works without issue.

world=$[Service.RootDirectoryNoTrailingSlash]\![World] | Populates in the config file: world=T:\TCAFiles\testuser\0\test.wld

Even tried this: $[Service.RootDirectory]![World].wld | Populates in the config file: world=T:\TCAFiles\testuser\0\test.wld

This 2 part variable population string works in the config editor with only 1 of the 2 variables defined for the user/admin to edit is the ![World] variable.

It will still work once you hit OK on the population error in the Config Editor. So, maybe a bug or programming error?

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