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Ark mod with negative number


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Hi guys, I'm troubleshooting a server at the moment that's giving a mod version error and I noticed in the mods folder that there's a negatively numbered folder and matching mod.id.  We've only managed mods via TCAdmin so I'm reporting it here. Unfortunately I doubt that I can give you any more useful context. From looking in the mod.id file, I can see it's a mod that we haven't used for a few months.


The number is question is: -2083855787

The plaintext from the mod.id is as follows:

ModName YashiFactory YashiFactory ModType    1 GameModBaseAsset    TODO    PrimalGameData    3    /Game/Mods/YashiFactory/PrimalGameData_BP_Fauteuil    Version    2    GUID    !    5875B4694790CB2221D3E6B9F0E7E134

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22 hours ago, Dennis said:

What workshop ID is it?

Big Mods such primal fear 839162288 and Structure Plus 731604991 causes some error during download and then it retry in order to continue since the config has 10 retries. In this case, i was forced to increase the number of retries in the tcadmin panel from 10 to 50 so it wont stop in the middle and keeps retries until its over. I hope if you got a fix for this.


- Im using your ARK config 1.5.2

- I dont set download rate for games updates/mods to high in order to save some bandwidth so it takes some time to download.

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