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Servers are created but are not online


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I have changed the ports in the tc admin application as in the official application of conan and now if it detects it.

That is to say port of connection I have put the port 7777 and port of consultation I have put 27015.

But if I put for example port of consultation 27016 it does not detect it, any idea?

Hello good I am practically new with this tc admin.

I have a windows server 2019 vps contracted and a trial license of tc admin 2.0 to test the program and if I am convinced I will buy it.

The problem is that when I create a server for example conan exiles I search for the server by steam by ip and port, but it does not find the server.

I have the windows firewall disabled just in case.

I have tried to create the conan server with the official application of them to create the server, ie this application: https://www.conanexiles.com/dedicated-servers/

And if I create it with this application the server if I look for it by steam by ip and port appears perfectly, but if I create it by tc admin it does not appear.

This also happens to me if I create an ark server by tc admin that also does not appear if I look for it by ip and port in steam, but if I create the server with ark server manager if it appears.

On the other hand for example Rust I create the server by tc admin and if it appears.

Any idea what could it be? I attach some images in case it helps, since it is also a test vps.

Sorry for my English I am using a translator.

Greetings and thanks in advance.

look 2.jpg


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