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Server Stop command using CTRL+C


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Dear Members,

I am wondering how TCadmin 2 is stopping servers when the default Stop button is used. Does it send a CTRL+C signal to the console of the gameserver? Because I am setting up a Gameserver by creating the Config myself and so far everything is working fine but I have to be sure that the Server is stopped by sending CTRL+C to it so it can shutdown properly otherwise it will cause issues with the Gameserver's database.

Also I have been looking around for a custom script that sends CTRL+C to the process of the Gameserver but have not been able to find one yet. So a custom script is always welcome! Thanks in advance for any response and help!

Kind regards,

- Bram Vorstenbosch.

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Dear Members,

Does someone have any tips? I've tried making custom scripts and such but it seems it is not possible to send something to the gameserver process and that for some reason the console window is hidden... I hope someone can help me out on this one...

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