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Empyrion StartError


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Using the config i found here on the forum, this link should take you to the post that i got the config from

however it gives me a starterror when attempting to run it, there doesnt seem to be any logs regarding it's "start" sequence and what happened...

sometimes it does start even with the error, but, oftentimes it just says error and the PID doesnt exist in the taskmanager...

is there a way i can enable a debugmode to log what TCAdmin is seeing?

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For some reason this game is bugged in tcadmin. (not sure if fixed with updates). It will run fine from actual file location using a batch file starter but when done from tcadmin it seems to not work.

Create a batch file called EmpyionServer.bat, place this in it

@echo off
EmpyrionLauncher -startDedidline

save and then start server. I haven't tested it lately so not sure if still bugged.

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well, i think i may know why it's "bugged" in terms of the start error, because doesnt TCAdmin look for the binary in the process list? hence the "Running (PID ####)" in the main info window...

Anyway, your method did in fact work to an extent... It threw the start error as well, but in the task manager, the binaries are present but with 2x EmpyrionDedicated.exe so, i went into the configs and changed the games relative executable to "EmpyrionLauncher.exe" and the commandline by your config default was -startDedi "-dedicated dedicated.yaml" so i left that alone. This still starts a 2x binary of EmpyrionDedicated.exe but 1 of them eventually disappears and leaves the 1 binary each of EmpyrionDedicated.exe and EmpyrionPlayfieldServer.exe in the task list.

Starting it this way still gives the StartError, but if you wait a minute and then reload the summary page after the server begins to load in the background, it shows "Running (PID 0)" however im guessing that it cannot get the PID because its executing a different binary than the one that actually runs, thus, seeing it as a failure (StartError) because the executed binary closes maybe(?) as that binary is launching the other 2 that actually run the game, and it can't see that... Im assuming it shows running because the RCON replies...

the problem is, that this doesnt "always" work... sometimes it just gives the error and the binary doesnt execute the other 2...  now if there was a way to tell TCAdmin to execute a .bat, but look for another process... well, that may work, but is it possible? and if so, how?


EDIT: after refreshing 10-ish minutes after execution, the "Running" went back to "StartError" but the server is still running... this happened while i was typing this lol

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How would we get the developers attention on this? Lol

Game servers are getting stranger in how they work... Instead of this binary and this config in the same folder, now they're doing this binary launches these 2, with a config outside of TCAdmins reach... (Empyrion and Interstellar Rift, respectively)

On another note, a potential workaround, is there a way to write a custom script much like your stop server command under the more button that can read the PID (instead of closing it) to check if it's running? Granted that can't show on the main page but at least a remote web user can see if it's at least running... Kind of like a script that says "yes I see it, you're good" or "nope it isn't there, its not running" for those that don't have desktop access...

I'm not good at python so, ideas?


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