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Conan Exiles dedicated server not using Isle of Siptah map


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I was going to tag this onto my previous generic thread of dedicated server help, but this topic was pretty specific and I thought it'd be good to have a thread for it.

I did a clean install, ran the server from the command prompt using "startserver.bat", shut down the server, added the following lines to my Engine.INI file:


and then I started up the server again. It made the proper database for the Siptah map and was running it. Whenever I run the game from the command prompt, it loads the Siptah map. When I start it from TCAdmin, it runs the Exiled Lands map.

I've looked, but I can't find out where in the service settings it would force an override of the map. Has anyone had experience with this? It's driving me crazy. I could run it manually, but then it's a chore every time there's an update. I'd have to RDP into the host machine to patch and start up the server again.


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