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Selling Enterprise Tcadmin v1 + dedicated server + Unlimited license


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I sell the Enterprise + dedicated server + Unlimited license of Tcadmin V1 www.tcadmin.com






The purchase of this license offers those who decide to buy it 2 great advantages.



1) Using it if you are free to install unlimited Tcadmin v1 licenses on any number of remote servers, fully integrated and fully functional with WHMCS (unlimited remotes server, unlimited game server)



2) By purchasing this license you can upgrade to TCAdmin Enterprise License (Unlimited) * version 2 saving $ 1200 of the current enterprise price

Tcadmin enterprise v2 license cost 5000

upgrade from v1 cost 3000

buying my license cost 800

upgrade to v2 cost to you 3000+800 = 3800

you save 1200



The license transfer will be managed in a safe way and in a protected environment directly on the TCADMIN site under the control of the staff.



If you are interested, please contact me privately.

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I can't seem to Direct Message you here on the forums. This is why I asked if you had discord so that we could communicate in realtime.

You can email me at: admin@1gserverhost.com

I am good friends with Luis (Head Developer) so any issues I am sure we can work them out.

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Sale still on (I decided not to buy as previously it was $800) It was only during the skype convo I found it "was upgrade from v1 cost $3000".
I asked seller to make this clear on his OP which he has now done. Seller is a great guy & seems trustworthy but this is out of my justification range, numbers not working out for us, so we backed out.

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