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Trying to get in touch with someone with knowledge about developing a custom theme


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Hello! I am starting up a new hosting company and I am looking for a theme developer / designer that is able to create a custom theme for my panel.

I have not set a budget yet but I am hoping to not have to spend more then a few hundred dollars but if this is not enough for you I am willing to discuss it further.

I would love to see some past work related to design (does not have to be TCAdmin specific)


I am not 100% sure what to tell you about my ideas as I do not know exactly what is possible for TCAdmin and what potential limitations there is so I would love to hear about those (Or Not).

I am thinking about following a more modern design that matches the website for the hosting company. It is not 100% done yet so there is no link or preview for that yet.

I am 100% serious about payment and keeping this professional incase someone here has had bad experiences with past "customers". I want this done and I will pay you for the time and efforts you put into this project.

Lastly I would love to hear about what you specialize in and how you prefer working on stuff and if you are the kind of developer who wants me to shut up or give lots of feedback (I have experience dealing with these types too).


I can be contacted here, at discord or via email.

Discord: MiffedLyric559#7266

Email: miffedlyric559@miffed.xyz

Feel free to point me in other directions as well if you know someone who has experience with or makes themes on the regular!

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