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Discord Inspired Theme V2


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Discord Inspired Theme V2

TCAdmin Next theme Discord inspired V2. This will be the new theme for TCAdmins discord inspired theme as its has been updated to include Discord new branding Colours.

Github Repo: https://github.com/AdamG100/TCAdmin-Discord-Inspired-V2


(recommended Install)

  • Simply install it via the plugin repository in TCAdmin (Settings > Plugin Repository > Themes > Discord Inspired V2)

Manual Install:

  • Download the Theme from here
  • Go to Settings > Themes > Import
  • Import the entire zip that you downloaded
  • To update the theme repeat the above steps but select the Discord V2 theme in the update theme Drop down

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1 hour ago, slymerog said:

I love the look of this theme! Is there anyway to change the background to the login screen?

Yes if you go into here https://github.com/AdamG100/TCAdmin-Discord-Inspired-V2/blob/main/MVC/Base/Login/Index.css (Line 2)

On the server it would be C:\Program Files\TCAdmin2\ControlPanel.MVC\Views\<your_themes_folder>\Base\Login\Index.css

You can get your themes folder by clicking your theme and checking the numbers in the url it can look something like b8be2b56-552a-4cde-8be9-563a64f9bec7

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You sir, are goated! I did notice one small "issue" if you want to call it that. On the mobile site, the nav bar for a Game Server's settings (webconsole, FTP, etc) has no background making it hard to read, but if you're using mobile to work on your server you're crazy 😛


Thanks so much, this theme is great!

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