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So haveing issues with my clients connecting to there conan servers.


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Clients keep getting timed our or errors saying servers not running when there servers are running... 

I feel I have missed a step in getting the servers networks set up right.. 

at this time the tcadmin pannel shows my internal ip for the server box, not the external ip that they need to use to log into there servers from outside.. I am unsure of how to fix this or get it working.

would love some assistanace. 

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Greetings all.


After banging our heads and keyboards, the solution has been found for my connection issues.

Recently did a Windows update on the server box, and even though windows firewall was off, it was ninja magic was actlay on... we went in and re added all the TCAdmin ports, as well as a Multihome part to the command line in the conan launcher and now everything is moving along smoothly like butter once more.


I apprecate everyones help on this, and all I can say is Window Firewall.. even when its showing as off... I might really be on!!

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