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Dark Green Theme


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Dark Green Theme

TCAdmin Next Dark Green Theme.

Github Repo: https://github.com/AdamG100/TCAdmin-Dark-Green

(Recommended install)

  • Simply install it via the plugin repository in TCAdmin (Settings > Plugin Repository > Themes > Dark Green Theme)


Manual Install:

  • Download the Theme from here
  • Go to Settings > Themes > Import
  • Import the entire zip that you downloaded
  • To update the theme repeat the above steps but select the Dark Green Theme in the update theme Drop down

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8 hours ago, Rads said:

the only flaw that I come across in this is the web console is all in black you can't see the text maybe just the colour needs adjusting somewhere

Sounds more like something is wrong with your installation

Go into Settings > Themes> Dark Green Theme > Advanced and make sure the text color is set to fff

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Yeah it was missing the #   i did reinstall it 2 time's to make sure it was not me and it's like it every time i reinstalled it..

Console Text Color: #ffffff

 Plus:    Graphs/History is not showing any stats....




Edited by Rads
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