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Minecraft Extra Ports For Mods?


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Hi All,


I was not sure what Category to ask this question.

How are people handling/allocating Extra Ports for Minecraft Servers when people are ordering. As I only have use of a few IPs and I know that if I have multiple customers wanting to use mods that require other ports, How would you stop them from overlapping?



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I have moved this topic to the Game Server Help section.

5 hours ago, Xelatyper said:

How would you stop them from overlapping?

I don't think you can. Not without a massive effort.
If a client installs a plugin that requires port 8192, the plugin will automatically attempt to listen on that port. I don't think you can prevent it from happening.

You could create a script that allows clients to get a random port that can be used - but it's a little tricky.
One of the ways to achieve this is to let the script read all listening ports and exclude these from the range of ports that you want to let clients use. If a client is assigned a port, add that port to a list (could simply be a file) and exclude that list of ports from other clients.
This still has issues, though: It won't work unless your clients are using it. The only thing your clients are guaranteed is that the port they're assigned is not in use at the time of running the script.
If another user has assigned a port to a plugin without using the script, the same port could be assigned to another client in case the first client has temporarily shut down their service.

The best way would be to assign each service it's own IP but I understand that it is not possible in your situation.


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