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Converting SQLite to MySQL error.


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Hey all I appear to be stuck with this rather annoying error now I thought it was due to TCAdmin being out of date so I threw an update ( at it but all its done is reverse the which one is out of date.... Anyone got a fix for this?


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This topic is been discussed before. Rollback TCADMIN to version then convert sqlite to mysql then update to


As in your case your trying to convert sql tables in 2.0179.0 version


Manual Update Steps:



Ex. Commands in your case if its windows rolleback :

1- Rollback version: "C:\Program Files\TCAdmin2\Monitor\TCAdminUpdateTool.exe"

2- Start TCADMIN and convert SQLite to MySQL

3- Update tcadmin back to (Manual or via Panel)


I hope that helps

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Having the same issue trying to use the Convert SQLite Database to MySQL tool. Error message: "The mysql script is from a different version. SQLite Version: 179 MySQL Version: 178". I am running on version

Rolling back to does not resolve the issue because the SQLite database version is not rolled back/downgraded from the manual upgrade commands. So the same error message is given even though TCAdmin is running on 178.

The other thread is also unhelpful because we are in the reverse situation, where the SQLite version is higher than the MySQL version, so no rollback is theoretically possible.

Any other suggestions?

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