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Ark Large mod installation steamcmd fails


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Quick question is there a special setting to allow steam to download large mods for ark through tcadmin control panel? Currently trying to install ark eternal live and it keeps failing because the download file is over 2 gig

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@Freak24Download the mod via steamcmd but cd to that specific ark servers steamapps folder then download the mod

You can follow this example below

force_install_dir "C:\TCAFiles\Users\demouser\7\steamapps"
@NoPromptForPassword 1
login anonymous
workshop_download_item 346110 893735676 validate

Once this is done go into the game config for or and the steam settings tab and tick "Skip Workshop download"

Now you can go into the mod via the steam workshop and click install

once the mod is installed or updated untick the skip workshop download you dont want to leave this ticked

This is a tedious way of doing it but it does work for both new installs and updates for the larger mods like primal fear and that.

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OK I did as told using SteamCMD and then checking to skip download before clicking install on the control panel. I still get the Failed to Download after 2 tries Error




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