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Manually setting service name / how does TCAdmin get a service name?


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Hi folks,

I've installed a game called Avorion. We have a mostly-working template but it has some quirks. TCAdmin does give me a web console and CPU/RAM but it's not picking up the hostname, nor the number of players online. I asked Battlemetrics for Avorion support and they politely told me to get knotted so the only way to determine the number of players online is to log in and see for myself. The service name is the bigger problem. I have two instances and they both have the default service name that comes from the template, "10 slot Avorion". I have to be careful to check the URL to ensure that I'm working with the correct instance.

So, how does TCAdmin auto-populate the service name? How can I manually set a service name?


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It would update the name with the hostname that is queried from Steam. 

You can also use a script such as this to manually force a name change in the panel.

import clr;
import System;
from TCAdmin.SDK.Misc import Random;
from System import String;

ThisService.NameNoHtml = str(ThisService.Variables["updatedPanelName"])

It is an IronPython script. You will want to have the Prompt for variable values checked and create a variable named updatedPanelName (or create another variable and update the script. You can set the script to the Custom icon event to have an icon on the main page for the game.

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