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Mordhau Game config


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Hello! I have tried almost everything I can think of to work on Mordhau's config.  ive attached my XML for a windows server

The issue that im having - 

After some time the servers will stop updating players and specified map in the mordhau server browser / as well as there is no indicator in TCAdmin to accurately tell you the amount of players in the server with this config.

This is the server hosting guide https://mordhau.fandom.com/wiki/Dedicated_Server_Hosting_Guide

Im not sure what it is at all, the default Mordhau config in TCAdmin has the same issue ive just expanded off it and created more variables etc.

Steps i have taken to attempt a resolution that are not in the default mordhau game server setup in the default tcadmin files

- Reinstalled / Updated / Verified game server

- Added RCon and additional required ports so there is now 





incrimented by 10 ofc

- Verified TCAdmin is up to date

- Reinstalled TCAdmin

- Verified correct ports are open on machine / connection

- Changed machines/hosts

- Have verified that this is not an issue with the game

can i please get help as a person that has exhausted all other avenues 

Mordhau - Windows.xml

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