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Minecraft 1.18.2 w/forge 40.1.80 failing query monitoring


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Hi folks,

We're running TCAdmin I've installed All the Mods 7 - To the Skies, v 1.0.7

The game runs just fine but if I have Query Monitoring enabled, TCAdmin is restarting or shutting it down. I've run up a separate instance with just a vanilla install and that is not affected; it's running fine. My service provider came back with, "Sounds like it's possibly something to do with the new versions of forge and how they query. This is not something we are really able to assist with."

I have no idea how to troubleshoot this. I can't see any options in the service that specify how TCAdmin makes its queries or what kind of response it's looking for.

Hopefully someone here can assist!


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Nothing interesting in the MC log. No crash log as there's no crash. It's receiving the shutdown command from TCA.

MC Server Log

[08:26:27] [Server thread/INFO] [minecraft/DedicatedServer]: trevorjd has made the advancement [Getting an Upgrade]
[09:23:17] [Server thread/INFO] [minecraft/DedicatedServer]: trevorjd has made the advancement [Diamonds!]
[09:38:23] [Server thread/INFO] [minecraft/DedicatedServer]: Stopping the server
[09:38:23] [Server thread/INFO] [minecraft/MinecraftServer]: Stopping server
[09:38:23] [Server thread/INFO] [minecraft/MinecraftServer]: Saving players
[09:38:23] [Server thread/INFO] [minecraft/ServerGamePacketListenerImpl]: trevorjd lost connection: Disconnected
[09:38:23] [Server thread/INFO] [minecraft/DedicatedServer]: trevorjd left the game
[09:38:23] [Server thread/INFO] [minecraft/MinecraftServer]: Saving worlds
[09:38:23] [Server thread/INFO] [minecraft/MinecraftServer]: Saving chunks for level 'ServerLevel[oldfarks]'/minecraft:overworld

TCAdmin service log
9/19/2022 7:38:57 AM Start Admin . .. Control Panel
9/19/2022 9:38:23 AM Stop SYSTEM Monitoring (max query not responding)

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That's not related to the mod nor the version of Minecraft. That's got something to do with the query protocol that is used by the game config.

Whether you have the modpack installed or not will not affect if TCAdmin is able to query the server in this case.

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