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Singapore VDS Game 3 Giveaway! 3vCore, 15GB RAM, 225GB PCIe SSD. Ends October 22nd


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New Weekly Game, VPS, VDS & Dedicated Server Giveaways at EUGameHost!

🔔 Singapore VDS GAME 3 for 3 Months🔔

We'll now be running weekly giveaways on our TC-Admin based game, VPS, VDS and bare metal dedicated servers! Don't miss out on your chance to upgrade your network.

What's up for grabs!
3vCore 4.6Ghz (E-2276G)
5TB monthly transfer @1Gbps
1xIPv4 Address


DDoS Protection 
All VDS services include the highly renowned always on 12Tbps anycast DDoS protection from Path.net with client access to edge firewall, filter control & attack records via our protection manager tool! You are free to use this VDS for anything legal from running a TC-Admin instance to tunnelling your external network through our protection! 


How do i enter? 
Simply join our Discord server linked below and react to the post in #giveaways! After 7 days one winner will be automatically selected and notified. 

Join Our Discord Here


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