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How to Join Scum's server provider?


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  • 4 weeks later...

The easiest way to contact them was via Discord, also poked the Developers via Twitter DMs.

Regardless, they're currently sticking to the current providers they have as their QA Team is rather small and they need to be able to cater to all current providers (At least, that's what I've been told by one of the developers).

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Excuses Game Dev's have are a dime a dozen....decent Honest and Game Developers are a rare breed....There's nothing good to say about the Dev's for SCUM. Period. It had a chance to be a decent game. But they're going to BS the players away worse than BI did with DayZ SA.  BI really set a shitty standard with game dev'ing all together. And now there's games like SCUM following the HAlf-Baked release standard. It's not going to get better, as long as players have access to money they can and will waste on garbage. Game dev's are at the players mercy, completely. So why are players still going through things like this?


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