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Minecraft Server has 'StartError'


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Hello, hoping to get some input into this issue I've been running into. I've been trying to get a 4th minecraft server running however to no avail this one is giving me an absolute headache. I double checked the command lines and all work flawlessly, I've double checked the .bat is in the directory and I've updated the .config file to version 2.22, I have the environment variables set up as well for MC so it should automatically detect the versions it need (Java 8, 11, 16 or 17).

At this point, the only thing I can find in the logs is this 

12/07/2022 22:07:04	Current jar is F:\TCAFiles\Users\admin\6\minecraft_server.jar
12/07/2022 22:07:08	Service 6 - Updating Log4jPatcher before startup
12/07/2022 22:07:08	Service 6 - Failed to download Log4jPatcher-1.0.1.jar: name 'ThisService' is not defined


I'm hoping someone may have some insight on how to resolve this, preferably permanently as I'm a bit trapped. Thanks!

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Thanks for reporting this issue.

Could you try navigating to System > Settings > Game & Other Voice Services > Minecraft > Custom Scripts. Find the one called "Log4jPatcher securing" and delete line 27 (only contains ThisService.Save()).

Once that's done, go back to the Minecraft config and click "Update existing services" and see if that fixes your issue.

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